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Source Migration on July 5th

  • Christian will be lining up the war room and participants this week
  • Anything outstanding issues we need to take care of?

Aurora update rate

  • Currently we do daily updates to Aurora. Do we want to reduce the rate of updates on Aurora?
    • Most users don't get the patch package so they are downloading a fair amount
    • Update fatigue? Doesn't look real on Aurora but don't have data
    • Could help update stratification problem
    • Fixes don't get immediate testing/feedback
    • Probably has RelEng impact


  • Features:
    • about:permissions: Positive, wants it available from menus, shows that it has cookies but none display (may have to do with www prefixing)
  • Issues themes:
    • Tabs (closing tab difficulties?)
    • Flash/Crashes
    • Scrolling in PDFs (?)
    • Black Screen on Youtube videos (?)
    • The usual: Facebook, Memory, Google Toolbar

Action items from last time

  • Asa to do channels blog post about running different channels side-by-side
    • still not done.
  • Christian will make sure notes get posted to the channels blog [done]
  • Christian will mass modify and email for outstanding aurora patches [done]
    • Sent out email nags (using a script), got good response/landings (23 → 1)

Action items

  • Christian will line up the details of the war room
  • Christian will get data about pushes on the assorted channels
  • Asa and Grace to meet with user research to ask if user research can help us ask users how often they'd like updates
  • Christian will get dveditz to email linux vendors about bug 667087