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Possible 5.0.1 spin

  • Right place for this discussion?
  • Regression showing up on sites bug 666604 even though it's old since some frameworks have started using the functionality.

Source Migration on July 5th

  • Christian lined up people
  • Will be taking place @ 9:00 am PDT
  • Christian will send out details

Action items from last time

  • Asa to do channels blog post about running different channels side-by-side
  • Christian will line up the details of the war room DONE
  • Christian will get data about pushes on the assorted channels
    • Still not done
  • Asa and Grace to meet with user research to ask if user research can help us ask users how often they'd like updates
  • Christian will get dveditz to email linux vendors about the updated freetype dependency
  • Increasing #aurora users by migrating users on old betas
    • generating custom updates will still leave those users as "beta" channel users even after updating the binary bug 666046. Likely to WONTFIX?
    • other options (marketing, google home page snippets,...) still open to us.

Action items

  • Christian and Grace figure out resolution to bug 666046