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5.0.1 for 10.7 users

  • What should we do about bug 663688?
    • Underlying ATS bug is not fixed in 10.7 GM
    • 10.7 is shipping soon
    • We have the real fix in Firefox 6 but it will be out after 10.7
      • We're worried about switching APIs in a point release
  • Decided to table the discussion
  • Christian will take point driving to a resolution by Thursday
  • Someone will need to blog about this, Christian will make sure that happens

Action items from last time

  • Asa to do channels blog post about running different channels side-by-side
  • Christian will get data about pushes on the assorted channels
    • Still not done
  • Asa and Grace to meet with user research to ask if user research can help us ask users how often they'd like updates
  • Christian will get dveditz to email linux vendors about the updated freetype dependency
    • Still not done
  • Christian and Grace figure out resolution to bug 666046
    • Still not done

Action items