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  • Status of Azure canvas
  • Growing user channels
  • Feature page for async plugin painting
  • Win64 support
  • Triage

Azure canvas

  • By the end of the week we want to know if we have all the known fixes that we need to have to make this feature work.
  • There were 3 items identified and those got in.
  • Asa send email to Bas to see if there are any additional things we missed - still waiting feedback.

Growing user channels

  • Asa working with user research to figure out what aurora and beta users want for updates.
  • Having an initial meeting to launch a project to get more people to the channels.
  • We should have some results back this quarter.
  • Longer term project.

Feature page for async plugin painting

  • Asa working on assembling the information to put a detailed page together.

Win64 support

  • Product team has a call on priorities.
  • Rel eng still doing some work to prepare.
  • Flash 64 for windows (and other products) is coming out next spring - timing of this influences our timing.
  • Blizzard - can we use telemetry to help us gauge usage of plugins.