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Stability Update

  • Looks good so far
  • Look to be elevated "oopsies" / plugin crashes on 6/7/8 (look to be one signature from Flash)


  • Not sure if it is because of users running a new version of Flash

Add-on Compatibility

  • We need to do the bump
  • See this post for the API we're rolling back to increase compatibility

Azure status

  • Looks like this will stay in

Billboard offer to grow the aurora audience

  • Expect decision by next week

Round table

  • Unexpected landing on Aurora, beta caused respin of Firefox/Fennec 6.0b3 - how to prevent in future?
    • Christian has been working on a hook to catch just this
    • In the short term we'll just double check all the bugs to make sure everything is on the up-and-up

Action items

  • Christian to blog on the channels blog about the Aurora update pace change
  • Grace and Asa will talk to user research to see what users on each channel expect wrt update frequency
  • mfinkle will drive investigation why mobile was green even with the startup crash