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Stability Update

  • Looks good so far
  • Look to be elevated "oopsies" / plugin crashes on 6/7/8 (look to be one signature from Flash, bug 618683)
    • We are digging into this more, help would be appreciated
  • Startup crash due to malware: bug 670542
  • Mobile doesn't really have an aurora audience, can't make assessment
  • Weren't getting symbols for mobile


  • We don't intend to put mobile Aurora in the Android market

Add-on Compatibility

  • We need to do the bump
  • See this post for the API changes and details on what we're rolling back to increase compatibility
  • How can we track this better? Is this spreadsheet updated or should it be expanded to show all versions?

l10n Font issues

  • Appear to be multiple font issues that affect Firefox 6 and 7

Billboard offer to grow the aurora audience

  • Decided we'll do a full update offer rather than just a channel change
    • More work but better UX for users

Action items from last time

  • Grace and Asa will talk to user research to see what users on each channel expect wrt update frequency
    • 2 ways, user survey and user testing
    • survey will take less time, user testing will take at least a month to set up
  • mfinkle will drive investigation why mobile was green even with the startup crash
    • It was an interaction with neon, which isn't used on the tegras we use for testing
    • RelEng already has open bugs to diversify
  • Christian will decide on the way forward for the Phase #1 Aurora update [done]

Action Items

  • Christian will coordinate with RelEng for the Phase #1 update offer