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Giving QA a heads up

  • Matt was talking about a previous proposal to somehow surface stuff in a release that QA needs to test
  • smooney gave some background as not everyone was aware of the proposal
  • This proposal/conversation was not widely distributed
  • Discussion about if status and tracking flags handle this already
  • Generally qawanted, regression, and tracking should be what QA needs to look at
  • Project pages should help with features as there will be more defined up front
  • Had a discussion about how 1000 bugs are too much for QA to go through
  • johnath suggested it's better to start at 1000 bugs and whittle down than PM to have their features and figure out if there is more
  • juan said he can look at a changelog and prioritize but contractors and newer people can't do that as much
  • asa pointed out developers often underestimate potential risks (he had a disclaimer saying how much he loves developers)
  • Another problem was surfaced that we do not use the current flags the same way on Desktop and Mobile.
  • Next actions
    • Juan is going to post about better use of qa-wanted flag
    • Christian to follow-up with a post about the use of the flags
    • Asa to work with Anthony and QA to review the list of changes which are not obviously part of feature pages and try and isolate/prioritize those that need attention

Growing Aurora audience