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Release/Build Plan

  • Respin done for 7.0.1
  • FF8 beta
    • Going to go out today.
    • We did not rebuild so doesn't have the fix for the add-on issue.
    • Fix will be in 8.0b2.
  • FF9a2
    • We are on track to turn on nightly updates on Friday
    • Currently generating nightly builds but users not offered updates.
    • Will flip on the updates on Friday.


  • No serious issues we were tracking on the trunk prior to the merge.


  • 2 issues
    • 3rd party add-ons disabled by default.
    • Popup that comes up because we didn't have the 3rd party add-ons disabled by default before.
  • Legnitto will talk with QA about how to make sure we get cover everything and don't miss any edge cases.
  • Christian will have an update next Tues about when we are going to do the compatibility bump.