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  • Add-on compatibility bump
    • any blockers remaining?
    • Alex/Christian to provide update
  • 3.6.23 -> 7.0.1 Advertised update
    • bug 691483 - Do 3.6.23 -> 7.0.1 advertised major update on which date?
    • Where are we now? Still planned for 7?
    • Alex/Christian to provide update
  • John brought up the fact that a user-initiated manual update is handled differently, and as of right now does not point to a major version >3
    • John, Asa, Christian to discuss
  • Update on possible tab animation backout (bug 455694)
    • Asa updated us that in his investigation, only tab add-ons with 100s-1000s of users are affected
    • Christian may also have more numbers?
  • Silent Update wiki page
    • Depending on this week's sec review, may be brought to the table for possible inclusion in 9 (instead of 10)
  • when does new meeting schedules take effect?
    • This week or next, Christian/Alex will bring a proposal that restructures the meeting times/goals
  • what time is "go to build 8.0b3" expected today?
    • After 4PM