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  • Aurora add-on compat bump happened


  • Sending the go for Beta once the tree stops burning (whoops)
  • Status recap of third-party addon changes?


  • bug 690227 Backout of tab drag/detach animation
    • Since we landed, seen a slow but steady stream of regression bugs
    • Found some regressions were due to fundamental design issues
      • Thought we'd be able to fix them
    • The issues appear to be rather minor to a certain degree...still highly annoying
      • Compared to the state of the browser without the patch, lose the animations but have it work the same way it always have
    • Add-on compatibility is a concern
    • Since tabs are highly used, threshold is a lot higher
    • Engineering is suggesting backing it out
    • Product thinks it's a win, regressions would be worth living with for years
    • Doing the "correct" thing isn't a large expenditure, not too far out (there's a patch started)
    • UX doesn't think it is as simple as going back, there were problems with the old one as well
    • Support says they are seeing complaints, some probably edge-case or OMG change. Says that feedback is about 10x what it was for http:// hiding (3x more people with a "tab" problem than complain about crashes)
    • Engineering says that people who hit the edge cases are in really, really bad shape
  • Instant Sync outage follow-ups
  • Status update on 3rd party add-ons feature
    • Late in the game realized add-ons that were installing into app directory, a few in the profile
    • Decided to catch the ones in the App directory
    • Nothing we can really do about the profile, may try to address later
    • Kev is concerned about the few add-ons that will be opted-out even though the user opted-in