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  • Stability report & metrics
  • Early feedback
  • Add-on compatibility
  • Unthrottling?
  • how to flag bugs if we want NPOTB fixes to land on aurora, beta?
    • Rob Sayre going to take this.
  • any ETA on "go to build Firefox beta3"? And do we build fennec 5.0b3 at same time?
  • Next beta build?
  • Triage
    • Please note that nominations may be artificially low (see bug 659055)

Stability report & metrics

  • Yesterday ~ 213K users on 5.0. This is split between 5.0b1 (~111K) and 5.0b2 (~101K).
  • Without the ADUs per build id we don't have a crash rate but reviewing the top crash list shows...
    • All the top crashes we were tracking in Aurora have been fixed.
    • The top problems seem to be related to add-on compatibility - Bug 658780

Beta feedback

  • Problems with youtube usage in general
    • Unresponsive, slow
    • Not loading
    • Can't use controls
    • Bug 659119
  • Facebook games
    • Not loading ie: poker, cityville.
  • Google docs
    • A couple of crashes when editing, intermittent - windows users only
    • Bug 659120
  • Some extension issues being reported ie: toolbars.
    • Some feedback that add-on compatibility reporter is not compatible.
    • Lots of incompatible extensions
    • Bug 659176
  • Sheila and Cheng following up after today's meeting to make sure this stuff is logged and next actions.

Add on compatibility

  • Problems reported with crash stats and feedback.
  • Tracking some next actions
    • Need to talk to Fligtar - Rob Sayre
    • Need to talk to Kev - do outreach immediately - Christian will loop back with Kev. Macafee is listed at the top of the crash list, need more outreach - more than just symantec.
    • Create a top list of extensions that we should be looking into - Cheng


  • We're currently throttled on the beta channel @ 10%. Do we want to remove throttling now that the add-on compatibility bump has happened?
  • Should any of the compatibility issues block this?
  • We have decided to unthrottle the updates - Christian will add a bug and do it tomorrow.
  • Christian will send a "go" email to rel drivers.

Next Beta Build?

  • We have a few fixes in mozilla-beta, when are we creating another build?
  • If we are going with a weekly schedule, the build will happen Friday.
  • Should we do Fennec Beta3 at the same time? No objections here.

Summary of next actions

  • Christian - unthrottle updates
  • Add on compatibility
    • Cheng - list of top add-ons with compatibility issues from Input
    • Sayre - talk to Fligtar re: add-on compatibility issues
    • Christian - talk to Kev about outreach for top problems ie: Macafee
  • Sheila and Cheng - make sure all Input issues are logged in bugzilla.
  • Sayre - How to flag bugs if we want NPOTB fixes to land on aurora, beta?