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  • Meeting meta stuff
  • Stability report & metrics
  • Beta feedback
  • Add-on compatibility
  • Next beta build?
  • Release repo naming
  • Vendor outreach blog
  • Triage

Meeting Meta

  • Should be more than once a week, especially towards the end game
    • Christian will schedule more
  • Need a post-mortem to look at what we have learned and run the meeting / planning better
    • Christian will schedule one
  • Do we even need the beta vs aurora meeting distinction?
    • Maybe not, we should talk about it in the post-mortem

Stability report & metrics

  • b3 has about 620K users. The crash rate for 5.0 overall is about 1.5 crashes per 100 ADU.
  • Kairo has a great table put together with some breakdowns -
  • 5.0 regressions
    • There were a few top crashes we noted as regressions in 5.0. They were all tracked.
    • We determined that these related to turning on PGO in March.
    • What we did learn was that this caused a regression in a few key signatures. We turned off PGO for b3 and discovered validated that we saw less of these signatures but an increase in a more generic signature EnterMethodJIT so we think the crashes just shifted.
    • We don't know if there is some net increase in EnterMethodJIT crashes as a result - note, this is the top #5 crash on 4.0.1. Addressing this type of crash is likely a many month initiative.
    • The crashkill team went through all the tracking firefox_5 crashes this morning and removed the tracking flag for many of them.
  • At this time there are no big top crashers we are concerned about.
  • Possible red flag - appears to be an increase in the number of plugin hangs but we need more data to validate this.
  • Christian pointed out that our beta period has historically higher crashes/ADU, which later comes down as the user base grows.
    • Based on that we look really good
    • We're currently (~1.5 crashes/ADU) much better than Firefox 4 was during the beta period (~3.2 crashes/ADU) and much lower than 3.6 and 4.0.1 final (~2 crashes/ADU)
  • It was pointed out that there are 4.0.1 crashes we know that we didn't fix that aren't showing up in the 5.0 crash data, some concern as to why we aren't seeing those and if they are lurking issues
    • It was mentioned it might be due to lower add-on compatibility, especially if more incompatible add-ons are binary

Beta feedback

  • Plug-ins (Facebook/PDFs/games/video/websites I suspect are also plugins)
  • Extensions
  • Maybe something related to missing bookmarks but that's unclear.

Add on compatibility

Next Beta Build?

  • Getting close to the point of no return:
  • We triaged all the lists...we look in pretty good shape
  • We've identified 7 actionable bugs that would block a Release Candidate / content complete build
  • We're going to drive to get those 7 bugs resolved by Wednesday @ 9:00 am PDT, preferably sooner
  • We will have a checkpoint tomorrow during the newly combined Aurora/Beta meeting
  • The checkpoint will determine if we are ready to build a Firefox 5b5 or if we will release b4 to the beta audience
  • Firefox mobile is releasing b4 regardless

Release Repo Naming

  • Still ongoing discussion
  • l10n and SM folks vote for one release repo
  • RelEng is auditing automation to see if there would be any issues with one release repo or if we need versioned repos

Summary of previous actions

  • Christian - unthrottle updates
  • Add on compatibility
    • Cheng - list of top add-ons with compatibility issues from Input
    • Sayre - talk to Fligtar re: add-on compatibility issues
    • Christian - talk to Kev about outreach for top problems ie: Macafee
  • Sheila and Cheng - make sure all Input issues are logged in bugzilla.
  • How to flag bugs if we want NPOTB fixes to land on aurora, beta?
    • Decided we still want to require approvals for NPOTB except shipped-locales
    • Johnath owns messaging

Next actions

  • Christian will organize final go/no go meeting