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  • Content complete?
  • Stability report & metrics
  • Localization
  • Beta feedback
  • Release repo naming
  • Triage

Content Complete?

Stability report & metrics

  • b5 ~ 236K ADUs
  • b3 ~ 830K ADUs
  • Numbers for b5 still low so need a few more days to monitor for top crashes to see if something bubbles up. To date - no big red flags or top crashes that we are worried about.
  • The crash team is still looking at the plugin hangs which are slightly higher than 4.0.1. We still think that the plugin hangs/crashes but might a bit high but need more data to help us understand if there is really something "there". We will continue to monitor this closely now through release.

Beta feedback

Release Repo Naming

  • RelEng is auditing automation to see if there would be any issues with one release repo or if we need versioned repos...status?
    • all ok with "release/mozilla-release" repo bug 663820

Summary of previous actions

  • How to flag bugs if we want NPOTB fixes to land on aurora, beta?
    • Decided we still want to require approvals for NPOTB except shipped-locales
    • Johnath owns messaging