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Desktop Beta/RC Stability

  • People slowly migrating over.
  • b7: 464K ADUs, 2.38 crashes per 100 ADU
  • build 1: 305K ADUs, 1.89 crashes per 100 ADU
  • Nothing new on the crash side but we kind of expect to be ok up to 1 million users.
  • Crash team is going to be meeting Tues, Wed, Thurs am on IRC #crashkill to keep track of what happens when 5.0 rolls out.



  • Most of the input is around extensions not working
  • HTML5 video not working (and maybe sound)

QA Signoff

  • When will this come?
    • Today, 4:15pm, done - juanb



  • We need to triage to make sure we haven't missed anything