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Early mozilla-aurora uplift?

  • Carry-over from previous aurora meetings
  • RelEng says they can do it but as far as resources are concerned but would prefer not
  • QA says they want a couple of days to qualify as well
  • We'd have to source migrate twice, worth it?
  • Benefits to being consistent
  • Decided to just wait until July 5th

Same day migration and channel updates?

  • Current plan is to do the migrations and updates on the same day
  • Do we want to adjust this before trying it?
    • Source migration, update generation, and offering the updates are 3 distinct operations
    • For release, everything is done beforehand except offering updates
    • Marketing may like everything released on the same date to grow the Beta and Aurora audiences
    • Migrating on the day we said is important
    • Waiting a couple of days to offer Aurora nightlies anyway due to increased churn
    • Need to manually build mozilla-beta after the source migration, which means it won't be offering it on Tuesday ever
    • All this means that even though we do a couple things on the same day, the mechanics spread out the work and the update offers over multiple days
  • Aurora vs Beta update rate?
    • Decided this was better handled in the Aurora meeting

Firefox 5 tracking bugs

  • Anything we still need to track?
    • Decided we'll keep bugs nominated that we are tracking to see if we need to do a chemspill
  • Do we clear out the list?
    • Decided we should clear out the list except for anything we are watching for a chemspill. We will also determine if we should track it for the next version and mark it as such

Action Items

  • Christian will make a channel blog post about the source code migration / update details