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Stability Status

  • Not sure how the GC frequency change affects crashes
  • smooney says she needs to dig in more
  • #22 Lion OSServices crasher still there, we will poke Apple
  • Feedback about the way we are tracking Linux/Android crashes
    • smooney says they are going to start breaking down by platform, not exactly sure what they will look like

Next beta build

  • Do we wait until Wednesday or rush it because of the cert issue
    • Decided to rush it, even though having beta users "exposed" for an extra 24/48 hours wouldn't be super horrible (release users are generally thought to be most important)
    • Decided it was lower priority than release channels though
    • Mentioned that Nightly and Aurora should get the fix automatically due to automation
  • Do we want to make it 7.0b2 + the 1 fix or do we want to take everything else that has landed?
    • Decided to take tip of mozilla-beta
    • Decided we need to test these fixes anyway and Beta users should be a little more risk tolerant

Meeting about meetings

  • Deferred until later, we'll maintain the status quo for now