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Current build status

  • Pushed Firefox 7 (beta 6, build #1) out to the beta audience this morning
  • Wasn't able to get it out for weekend coverage due to all-hands week
  • There were no outstanding beta patches as christian transplanted the remaining ones

Are we RC?

  • There are some tracking bugs that are unresolved, we need to take a hard look and drive to resolution by Wednesday morning
  • There are some trade-offs for assorted patches/bugs we need to discuss
  • If we intend to rebuild we need to do it today ASAP
  • If we don't intend to build we need to make noise about the RC to get more testing

Sign-off Meeting

  • Wednesday @ 10:00am PDT in Warp Core (and Warp Core Vidyo room)
  • If everything is good, give the "go" to build off mozilla-release after the meeting
  • Note we are not pushing the mozilla-release bits to the beta channel as well