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Developer-facing UI

Specific features References
Developer tools
  • Some easy and transparent way say a button or a checkbox in options to toggle development state of the browser. In this state mainly all caching is turned off and errors in formatting and scripts are somehow highlighted.
  • In this state, we can have a mark/have a group of extensions enabled. In normal browsing, we can have them disabled.


Developer tools
  • Interface, to call JavaScript functions from XSLT
  • (You can take a look at msxsl:script)


DOM inspector
  • make the DOM Inspector an add-on, to save complete reinstallation for those who missed it during setup. If Flock can do it, surely FF can
  • improved functionality:
    • automatcially refreshes when the page is refreshed
    • ability to edit attributes, CSS properties, etc and see live results
    • Some way to get feedback on XMLHttpRequest dispatches (which would otherwise be invisible)

Bug 339174 - List DOMi on AMO

Current Add-ons
  • such as Live HTTPHeaders, Web developer toolbar, Firebug to remain as add-ons, NOT bloating the core browser as previously proposed

Consider integrate Firebug 1.0 (this is THE TOOL) at install. Fantastic!!!

Developer tools
  • Asynch-Panel to replace javascript div-update implementations

It would be great to have mechanism to define a panel, where data may be send to a server and its response is rendered into a certain area like:

<asynch-panel refpanel="myPanel" refid="test" /> <asynch-panel name="myPanel" target=""> <input type="text" id="test" value="<%="blabla"%>" /> <input type="submit" /> </asynch-panel>

Of course such panels would allow nested panels and form elements to have maximum control.

I know that such an extension would be only usable for Firefox users, but it would speed up asynch development at leat in closed user groups with certain system requirements.


Developer tools
  • FAST! VM for client side scripting with extension API to add additional languages other than javascript eg. Python, Ruby, LUA


CSS Enhancements
  • anti-aliased rounded corners
  • gradient filled background

Check out "HTMLayout CSS support map", they have done gradient filled backgrounds very effectively.

Rounded corners are anti-aliased in Minefield, thanks to the new graphics renderer. There is a screenshot of this, but I cannot locate it.

Simplified Drag and Drop Support
  • I know it might be heretical, but it would make life easier for some of us Ajaxy types if Firefox bit the bullet and supported IE style drag and drop.


'Official Generic' code release
  • Offer a 'generic' Firefox tree without trademarked elements or non-free plugins.


DesignMode - MIDAS
  • Get all the bugs ironed out of the current Design Mode implementation. FireFox / Mozilla and IE are about neck and neck with features vs. issues and bugs. Haven't tried Opera's solution yet. It would be a great opportunity to really shine in this area.
  • Extend DesignMode, make it something really usefull.

Show Extended Element Properties
  • Show all available attributes of an element.
  • Provide links to parent and child properties.
  • Allow editing certain attributes on-the-fly.

Advanced Source Viewer
  • Add ability to collapse tags (hide inner html).
  • Allow editing of html source.
  • Add ability to reload page from source.
  • Add the number of line on the left.
  • Add ability to view source in current tab instead of a new window (toggle between page and source with ctrl+U) Fridaythe14th


Developer tools
  • Have a Graphical Interface that will provide the ability to customise the appearance of the firefox window and to enable/disable or show/hide features (such as Show/Hide Navigation Toolbar, Enable/Disable Fullscreen, Show/Hide Titlebar etc.) and other features such as all the configuration in the Tools | Options as well as in the about:config areas and also having the ability to customise settings in the userChrome.css and userContent.css files through the interface without the need for scripting them.
  • Providing the ability to set the width and height of the browser window as loads through the GUI, without having to create a specialised shortcut with special command-line parameters would be a godsend.

Having these abilities through a GUI to totally customise the way firefox appears and displays webpages will destractly improves firefox's ability to compete against Microsoft's HTML Applications, so users/developers can write web applications and have them display through firefox the way they want them to appear.


Javascript debugger
  • Possibility to set Javascrip breakpoints in used scripts;
  • Javascript step-by-step tracing ability;


General select box
  • Using OS GUI to render select box is a drawback - hard to apply style for such a component. It could be great to use built-in select box which looks identical on all OSes and accepts all available CSS features;

JavaScript Task bar notifier
  • Using the JavaScript to notify the user.
  • A simple command like window.notifyuser or window.flashtab or window.flashtaskbar
  • Maybe even an option to set how many times it should flash
  • On page load, it gives the user the options to "Always Allow", "Allow Once", "Always Deny", and "Deny Once".
  • An option in the settings to always deny for every site.
  • Might become a W3 standard if used widely.


General tasks
  • Create a "unified set of modern web developer tools"
  • Add a .NET/Mono-Wrapper to host both the web browser and the WYSIWYG editor (if such a tool exists, I'm not sure about it) in my own .NET Windows Forms applications. Do this in a highly customizable way to control most aspects of how the browser appears. Uwe Keim