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Specific features References
Language support
  • Improve complex glyph rendering
  • Support more complex languages (Persian, Hebrew, Arabic, pangool, all Indian languages)
  • Multilingual browser, to allow single binary for multilingual systems
  • Being able to switch user-interface language without restarting the browser.
  • The implementing of the bidirectional algorithm #1 if it isn't already implemented so that Firefox could render Arabic #2 phrases embedded in English texts correctly.#1 : see #2 : not restricted to Arabic only but to all RTL complex scripts.
  • Convert/Fix/Implement the Unicode control characters or the 'byte code'to the real script,which happens when you type Persian or Arabic #2 text in the location bar and click 'Go', the text gets converted to weird characters(Unicode control characters).
  • I often write text in both English and Swedish. Firefox spell checking is wonderful in English, but a nuisance in Swedish, because it checks my Swedish words against an English spell checker. I would like for Firefox to look at the <html> tag and see if it includes lang="en" or lang="sv" or any other language, and automatically use the spell checker indicated in the lang attribute to the <html> tag. This would especially be useful to people who are not computer exports, and who do not know how to download dictionaries or install them or how to tell Firefox to select language for a certain textbox.
If a person opens a web page with <html lang="xx"> where xx is a language for which no spellchecker is installed, the user should be asked if he wants to download a spellchecker for that language, and then automatically have it downloaded. All to make it easy for users who are not computer gurus./jpalme
  • Times are converted local times
  • Units such as currency, weight, distance are converted or highlighted, and allow for right click interactions
  • when a user downloads firefox, provide default search engines based on the country the request came from. E.G. UK users should have an search engine by default, rather than a engine.

See bug #240914. (David Baron said: I expect this will be fixed for Gecko 1.9 (i.e., Firefox 3.0...)

See bug #356184.

General tasks
  • Ability to highlight text/tables in a webpage and then right click and "Export to Calc/Writer or Microsoft Excel/Word" depending on users preference and operating system.

Many people I have shown Mozilla Firefox to have missed such a feature as it is in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

  • Improving bidi text editing. Sometimes it crashes in textarea, which is very annoying in wikis (suppose you're writing an article for wikipedia).


Variant button
  • A variant button to show a human friendly variant list, in particular the list of available languages in the server.

The main intention is to use the variant button as a language button.

This could also go to section 3 of this page.

The variant button

Text from this document could be copied to this page.

Internationalization of the ‘Current News’ Tab

I am using the German version of Firefox, living in Switzerland. The pre-installed ‘Current News’ tab is set at German news which do not interest me.

Can you set the news tab depending on the location instead of the language?