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Specific features References
SRV RR Support
  • Add support for (minimally) _http._tcp, _ftp._tcp, preferably all protocols supported by Firefox

This feature request was added to Mozilla in 1999...

SRV RR Support

Color Management
  • Read and interpret color profiles attached to images
  • Use the displays profile for rendering

Right now Firefox just assumes sRGB everywhere. The only color managed browser so far is Safari, so this feature would surely set FF apart.

ICC image profile support

  • Improve PDF support and handling (Built in PDF viewer with support for more exotic features like forms, javascript, etc.)
  • Save page as PDF
  • Add support for viewing ODF. It might be possible to get save-as ODF format if Cairo ever supports this.
  • Improve Java support
  • Add support for SFTP and FISH (SSH2)
  • When a third party plug-in is installed (eg. for Windows codecs), Firefox should spoof websites that return a "get plug-in" message so that it fools the website into thinking the official plug-in is installed. This way you will not keep getting the "get the plug-in" redirect message even when Mplayer with the necessary Windows Media codecs is already installed.
  • If no plug-in is installed, Firefox should redirect to a Firefox plug-in site which will lead the user to the correct plug-in, rather than waste time on a website which only has Windows or IE plug-ins.

Save page as PDF ODF support

Enhance support for HTML successor formats
  • Improve support for HTML successor formats like SVG, XForms and XHTML-Forms. I know, that there is already SVG support, but it is still not possible to mix SVG and XHTML in every way you would like to.

Implement full support of FTP by adding features like:

  • Uploading
  • Changing permissions
  • FTP over SSL/TLS

See bug 208385 Fully integrated ftp client for Firefox(Firefox Extension - FireFTP by Mime Cuvalo)

Desktop experience
  • Support X11 session management

X11 session manager

New technology support
  • IPTV
  • IM
  • Integrated radio livestream
  • Open Document Format
  • BitTorrent
  • Magnet links
  • eDonkey links
  • SCTP 1
  • Jabber/XMPP7
  • OBEX (Bluetooth, etc)
  • SyncML
  • SIP
  • Scriptable ZeroConf (Bonjour/Rendezvous)
  • WML. Would be grat if firefox could interpret WAP pages.
    • least implement WBMP and leave the rest to wmlbrowser extension.
  • WebDAV and Secure WebDAV
  • SMIL 2.0
  • Microformat detection/notification with metadata
  • metalink (mirrors & checksums for downloads)2
  • Support Askemos compliant replication3
  • Ogg4
  • WMV
  • Open Document Format
  • XBEL
  • SVG via img tag
  • JPEG2000
  • ANG
  • MNG 5
  • JNG
  • DJVU 6
  • ANI for cursor: url(example.ani), ...
    • should be at least as cross-platform as CUR support is now
  • APNG 8
  • Save page as image, this should save a complete page as an image just like a screenshot does. Optionally attach the image directly to a new e-mail.

1 SCTP patch
2 metalink
3 Firefox & Askemos
4 Firefox Ogg Support
5; Bug 18574
6 Djvu support library
7 XMPP For Mozilla
8 bug #257263

Image type finder
  • Assists in finding optional image format plugins and imagelib extensions, which could be used to display MNG, JPEG2000, and TIFF images.
bug 18574 comment 672
Image metadata support
  • Add support for image metadata, e.g. EXIF, which can then be viewed in places like image properties or possibly used for other purposes.
  • This would be a big win for the user-group of photographers, an increasingly big market with all the cheap digital SLR's around.

See bug 167303 and dependent bugs.

Unicode plane-1 support
  • Add support for the Unicode Consortium plane-1 standard natively.
  • This is useful for many business applications including support for MathML[1].
  • Many browsers already support this.
Internal audio
  • Support playing simple audio formats without the use of a helper application
bug 92110

When a Flash media file is loaded, CTRL+T (open new tab) does not work. Flash must be stealing the keystroke.

See bug 78414

Implement possibility to open tabs within a flash(or any other plugin) runtime

See bug 105409 (even "WONT_FIX" it contains comments at the end of the topic related to that bug)

Open GL Support

With the advent of the 3D LCD and CRT displays. It would be wise to be the first browser on the block to support 3D tiling. This feature support would also give extension and theme writers a great deal of flexibility not yet known in the browser world.


Native support for e-learningspecifications like the new IMS Common Cartridge Specification.


Networking, HTTP/1.1
  • Please, improve support for special web pages with tens or hundreds of big images (201901); this means to be able:
    • to set a parameter about available bandwidth: modem 14Kbit, 28Kbit, 56Kbit, ADSL1/2 256Kbit, 512Kbit, 640Kbit, 1Mbit, 2Mbit, 4Mbit, 10Mbit, 20Mbit, 40Mbit, 100Mbit, etc.;
    • or to set other new parameters in preferences (GUI) about max. number of pipelined requests, whether to close connections as soon as all objects (images, etc.) have been retrieved (server friendly), etc.
  • If possible make HTTP/1.1 pipelining support a bit smarter too (bug 329977).
  • Please make use of the Content-Length header to identify incomplete HTTP transfers; GMail, especially, breaks when a .js file is half-downloaded. (bug 225275)

See bug 201910 See bug 329977 See bug 225275

Version Control System
  • SVN/CVS/Git support
External Web Apps
  • Open arbitrary mime-type using a webservice
  • We need a better title for such an obvious feature

See [3]

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