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Auto hide the status bar

  • Don't see the need for it to show up all the time

URL Redirect Display

URL shortening services are great for Twitterers, but they are problematic for others – as they obscure the destination URL. Firefox could resolve this conflict by displaying the final destination URL in the statusbar on hover. 301, 302 and 307 redirects should be resolved accordingly.

Customizable Status Bar

Allow the Status Bar to be customized like the toolbars can. Any toolbar button should be able to be put on the status bar and vice/versa

  • Add a percentage of loading on the statusbar, and allow the statusbar to be hide by the page, when the loading is finished, so it will be increase the viewing surface, and when the mouth pass by a link, the status bar would reapear, it would be very useful and nice.
  • See Status Buttons extension, which already implements this idea.

Take over Statusbar

The only thing I really need the Statusbar for is to preview the target address of links before clicking them. Most of the time the statusbar is just taking away screen space without providing any useful information.

If it would be possible to display the target location in the Address Bar (it really is the right part to show an address...), perhaps in another color (or perhaps only showing the changed part of the URL in a different color) then the statusbar would not be needed any more.


I would like to have the possibility to add the search function (Ctrl + F) permanently to the status bar

Automatically hide statusbar when idle

I agree the statusbar is very useful, mainly for seeing the URL of a link (so much so that it's the reason I don't use firefox in full-screen mode). However most of the time no useful information is shown, just 'Done' and a lot of grey. When the statusbar is in this state, why not automatically hide it to show more of the webpage?

  • This should be an optional setting, not mandatory. Some people modify the status bar with add-ons such as IE Tab, Update Notifier, or any text-to-speech extension. Letting the status bar disappear automatically would be a great grief to these people. --Armaetin 19:44, 1 January 2007 (PST)

Adding external link notifyer to status bar

Currently it's a bit of a minefield when clicking links. Some will open in the current page, others a new window (or tab if you have it set up as such). The biggest problem is if you expect a link to open in a new window/tab, so just click on it, and it doesn't. The status bar could append/prepend a small icon or "(New Window/Tab)" to the link url on hover to let users know exactly what will happen if they click on a link. --AJanuary 03:05, 12 September 2007 (PDT)

Status Bar Needs Information of Page Objects While Loading

Alright, It's pretty cut and Dry: Loading, Done, Properties of whatever your cursor is Situated over. O.K. BUT, What about when you go to a place you haven't been before and have sat there for about 5 Minutes wondering What's Taking so Long?
*Looks At Status Bar in Firefox, Sees the words: Loading.◄ Dramatization of course :p.*

Real Helpful -_-.
So, Hows about seeing Something like this in the Status Bar Instead:
(106)Objects Left to Load.
O.K., Now THAT tells you something.

Explanation for Lack of this Feature?

Upload progress bar

It's insane that pretty much every piece of software out there that uploads data to a server has an upload & a download progress bar. Whenever submitting a form with enctype="multipart/form-data" and an input with type='file'. A progress bar should show up, and show the percentage of the upload/post progress. The hacks a web designer has to go through to get a progress bar are hideous, and are not cross-platform/browser compatible. This would be a killer feature, because file/post sizes are getting bigger and bigger, plus it would save thousands if not millions of collective hours for web developers instead of creating some double connect ajax hack. I beg of you as a web developer PLEASE ADD THIS. If just 1 browser added it, and touted this feature, almost all others would be sure to follow.

lobo235: I second this notion and have another idea that could make this work better. When the form is submitted let's say there are three files being uploaded along with some other fields. When each file is being uploaded the progress bar could be shown by changing the background color of the file upload field that corresponds to that file. So when the file is 25% uploaded the left 1/4 of the file input would be green while the other 3/4 on the right would be white. I think that this would be an awesome feature to have before any other browsers do.
roshan-george: Google Chrome already has this feature in the form of the status bar popping up to display upload progress. It's really hard to deal with having absolutely no feedback except for a "Sending request to server..." so this would be a great idea.