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Specific features References
Web feeds
  • Provide high level API for customizable internal Feed database (internal RDF is too restrictive)
  • Mark entries as read
  • Notification of feed update
  • Set refresh rates per feed
  • Set expiry options per feed
  • Set notification options per feed
  • Show # unread items in a feed
  • Enhanced Feed Preview rendering
  • Build Home Page from subscribed feeds
  • Show feed entry summaries & content
  • Remember 1..n system feed readers
  • Enable a "River of News" feed viewing option
  • The infoRSS or Sage extension is a good model for updated RSS handling
  • Add Live Boomark directly from feed link
  • Right mouse click onto link which points to a RSS feed shows "Add this link to LiveBookmarks"
  • Add a tooltip containing the full feed title (useful for long titles which are trucated) .
  • Ability to merge feeds together, interlacing their news items in a combined date order

There could be 2 parts to the internal RSS reader: a sidebar on the left and the main content area, but a better approch is to have a small, none intrusive GUI like infoRSS ticker extension

  • Include the URL of the feed so it can be copied easily to the user's favorite RSS reader (the URL bar should also display the feed URL)
  • Buttons for other available feeds such as an hCard feed, OPML feed, or whatever
  • Calendar so you can select a day to see all items on that day
  • Some way of selecting a date range that's not a blatant rip-off of Safari?


  • Completely extendable: anyone can add their own way of rendering XML as simply as adding a search engine to the search box. That way Firefox can easily keep up with newer Microformats and such.
  • Themeable
  • List view and extended view, similar to Google Reader
  • Allow user to choose between loading the item Description or the actual URL in the content pane.

or a scrolling ticker in the status bar like infoRSS extension.

- On Web Feeds
- TechCrunch article about IE7
- Google Reader
- infoRSS

RSS Feeds

Right-clicking on the RSS Feed icon should give you the following tasks:

  • Copy RSS Feed URL
  • Open with default RSS application (like FeedDeamon etc.)
  • Open it with an RSS reader extension (like infoRSS etc.)


General tasks



Default option-buzzer rings when new entry is available.