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Make spellchecker standard-friendly

Firefox is known for its compliance to standards - then suddenly it introduces the "spellcheck" attribute. How are we any better, then, than Microsoft and all its superfluous DOM extensions? Please, put the spellcheck attribute in a namespace, get it approved by the W3C, or drop it.

Report site health at run-time

Do not wait till pages are terminally broken before failing users and developers. Provide unobtrusive run-time feedback on the errors encountered so pages can be proactively fixed

  • The HTML validator extension shows how such a feedback could be provided without overwhelming the user. Its main value is errors/warnings are detected when they occur, not when someone thinks about looking for them.
  • If you wait till people take the time to open the debugger/console and/or run the various offline validators you've already lost.
  • You can't blame non-technical people from setting up broken websites or webapps if the PHBs have no easy way to check the contractors actually delivered clean code.
  • Showing a Faulty-Icon in the Status bar when in Quirks-Mode might be a way that is easily accessible to developers and not disturbing the common user.
PNG internal Support
  • Support to visualize a bitmap image file format named PNG - Portable Network Graphics.

Web Browser Support for PNG

PDF internal Support
TXT internal Support
  • Support to visualize text files.
iCalendar Support
  • Support to visualize iCalendar content

hCalendar Microformat

X3D Support
  • Support to visualize content X3D, it would allow to work in improving the interactivida one of the hand of a great navigator
  • (I request excuses by the text I do not speak English and to use the translator of google :) )
  • Please somebody that complements the importance of including X3D in Firefox.
  • If internet browser will be view X3D/VRML by default (without plug-in) they make revolution in the network - because it's good stimulus for developers (view that you do) - all will be make 3D models and worlds. It is simple and interesting - give they view instrument!
ACID 2 test
  • Do make sure Firefox passes it.
  • Keep eye out for ACID 3 test (no date exists yet as far as I am aware, but they have stated their intent to do such a test). If it is released before 1.9 needs to be ultra-stable, try and get it passed beforehand (mostly for PR purposes really).

Bug 289480

Full SVG 1.1 support
  • Add full support (not a non-standard subset of it) of SVG 1.1 or TinySVG 1.2
  • Make SVG "scalable" : When viewing a SVG File, it should be possible to zoom in and out

W3C SVG1.1

SMIL Support
  • Supporting SMIL is just as important as supporting SVG, because the two work interchangeably (more precisely, SVG can be used in SMIL presentations). The sky is the limit if we can move forward on both of these together!
  • Current and future SMIL recommendations describe SMIL as independent modules; hence, it's not necessary to implement the entire SMIL spec in one go...start with the modules that are most logical, which can give designers the most flexibility in the beginning.
  • The new SMIL 3.0 spec, dubbed "Next Generation" in the W3C/SYMM Charter, is expected to be a "candidate release" June 2007. That milestone may change but even more relevant is that the full 3.0 recommendation is expected to be final January 2008 (certainly in 2008 at some point). The bottom line: target SMIL support to the 3.0 docs, which will bring Firefox and the recommendation to, dare it be said...synchronized bliss.
  • Multimedia abilities based on native SMIL standards is valuable now!
    • Reliance on proprietary media players and their bogus versions of the SMIL standard is in complete contrast to web usability.
    • Native SMIL support can help designers create presentations like that, and in turn Firefox sets another great example for the browser world to follow.


  • Add support for Graph-Formats including GraphML and GML/XGMML (ie. by converting to SVG)


  • Add support for content-editable

tinysvg w3c

  • Support for "content" on all elements, not just on the :before and :after (like Opera).
  • Implement the values: "-moz-intrinsic" , "-moz-fill" and "*"(asterisk) for the property "height". The "*" is all the space available in the normal flow.
  • Implementation of the value "margin-box" for the property "-moz-box-sizing".
  • Make "display: run-in" work (bug raised in 1998!)
  • Implement support for multiple backgrounds following CSS3 W3C Standards (like WebKit/Safari)
  • Basic support for "border-image".
  • Support "box-shadow" (w3c-box-shadow)
  • Support "text-shadow" (like Konqueror/Safari does)
  • Support printing-related properties such as page-break-before and page-break-after
  • Implement "crop" property (w3c-crop)
  • Implement CSS3 column-rule-*
  • Implement CSS3 column-break-* (at least column-break-inside:avoid is required to be able to prevent a zone from being "cut in the middle" on resizing).
  • Implement CSS3 border-radius that it's similar to -moz-border-radius.
  • Implement font-stretch property
  • Implement embedded Font (@font-face to TTF, OTF or EOT ), will benefit also to SVG
  • Implement scrollbar-XXXX-color properties (allow web authors to control scroll bar colors), like in MSIE/WIE
  • Implement CSS3 "text-overflow" [1] (like IE does)
  • Implement CSS2 'text-shadow' [2]
  • Implement CSS2 @page rules - (almost done)
  • CSS3 Paged Media

CSS fixed to FF3

  • Make "display: inline-block" work correctly.Bug 9458 (inline-block)
  • Implementation of the value "none" for the property "content".

  • XForms supported and built-in.
  • Do also have a look at HTML 2.0 Forms
  • XML Events

Bug 326372
W3C HTML 2.0 Forms Spec

XML 1.0 and 1.1
  • Allow external DTDs loaded and documents validated, and external entities to be included successfully
  • Validate XML Schema
  • XML 1.1 and corresponding latest version of Unicode support
Bug 22942, 

Bug 267350, Bug 35984, Bug 69799, etc.

XPath 2.0 (in JS, Dom Inspector, etc.)
  • Add support for current XHTML 2.0 draft

Bug 161463,
XHTML2 Working Draft

Java support
  • Activate JavaXPCom on FF (already default on XULRunner
  • Ease extensions creation using Java, ie "pluglet like"
XFrames support
XQuery support (both to JS extensions and ideally within the interface)
Javascript support
  • Include the small (in executable terms, can be compressed even smaller) prototypeJS/scriptaculous/jQuery/... frameworks and create a simple attribute for the script tag to include said frameworks (if not found, include the file specified in the src attribute). Suggested attribute name: package
  • Make the control and shift keys again available like in 1.5 because programmed keyboard hot links do not work anymore.
Full DOM support (e.g., createEntity) including DOM Level 3!
XPointer support

bug 32832, bug 159716, bug 235409, bug 182323

Full XLink support
RDDL support
  • IPv6/IPv4 preference. When a site got both, an option should indicate which one is preferred.
Bug 213121
new DNS like system
  • Having a mapping between domain names (evt. as a RegEx) and IP.

The idea is to be able to edit site that don't have a DNS entry, when we develop a new version that is not on the "real" site.

It's like to change this file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts but included in Firefox.


XHTML ruby annotation
  • Ruby annotation has been included in XHTML spec since 2001, and there has been a great extension to implement it. Now, let's make it in Fx 3.

Bug 33339 - XHTML ruby support,
XUL Apps > XHTML Ruby Support

  • Add full support for soft hypens.

Bug 9101

IE Compatibility
  • Answer to below suggestion: Integrate IE tab into Firefox by default.
  • Add fallback mode to support non-standards based rendering when "IE only" features are present in a web page so that the page will render correctly. Allow feature to be turned on and off. Could be made into a plug-in instead of putting feature directly into Firefox. This feature would allow more people to convert to Firefox and leave IE behind forever.
  • Agreed with the above statement. I have companies that insist I use MSIE, even if I'm in Linux. I believe Opera has the feature whereby it uses the MSIE engine, but I haven't tested it on these sites. This needs to fix the problem of a) a site refusing to even load, if your using anything but MSIE, b) allowing uploads of files even with FF (over IE)
  • Support for embedded managed code objects (ie .NET Windows Forms or platform independent MONO assemblies)
  • WPF/XBAP Support.

Introducing Windows Presentation Foundation

Opera-like XHTML error processing
  • When opening an XHTML document with a syntax error, Opera shows a source fragment with lines numbers and both the tag where the error's been found and the tag that is missing its closing part highlighted.
  • There is also a "Reparse document as HTML" link.
  • (very optional) There is also a link to the format specification.

Open in Browser extension

XSLT 2.0
  • W3C Candidate Recommendation 8 June 2006

XSLT Candidate Recommendation

XSL-FO 1.0
  • W3C Recommendation 15 October 2001

XSL-FO Recommendation

Full HTML 4.01, and CSS 2.1 compatibility.
  • Increase the standard bar in HTML, and CSS standard.
  • Firefox should work hand-in-hand with the W3, to be 100% compatible with the current CSS/HTML/XHTML standards, so we web site writers can write our sites with FF in mind, and let IE, and others play catch-up. Also, FF should be updated quickly in order to be current with the next versions of such. We've wanted CSS, and such for years, and now we get it, it's the browsers that stop us from actually using it fully. There is no really good reason why at least FF shouldn't be 100% compatible (IE has an excuse but I'm not going to bash companies here :)
  • What's wrong with aiming for full CSS3 support? This is FF 3.0 we're talking about. Surely CSS 2.1 support is a given, and 3.0 is achievable in the timescale we're talking about.

Browser standard comparison

iCab-Smiley analogue
  • This nice feature will promote standard-compliancy of the web.

iCab wikipedia page

MHT / MHTML Support
  • Saveing / Reading of MIME Encapsulation of Aggregate Documents, such as HTML
  • We may also wish to support the MAFF format too.
RFC 2557

BUG 18764 BUG 40873

XInclude Support
  • Including XML files or fragments.

Bug 201754 Bug 232378 XInclude 1.0

align=char support
  • Allow text to be aligned by a character or string in a table cell.
  • Example - centre numbers around a decimal point, as in a spreadsheet.
  • Part of the overall standards compatibility, but I think it deserves highlighting.
  • Bug raised in 1999!

Bug 2212 Test Case Another Test Case

File Input
  • allow script to open window for file selection (like

If you define size of window, this method should open new WINDOW (and never tab!). Otherwise, it should open a tab.

  • it should return newly created / modified element (where possible)
  • add support for these commands
  • command FormatBlock should accept also values "fieldset", "form" and "table" (automatically create TR and TD)
  • support user interface (for InsertImage, CreateLink ...)
HTML5 menus
  • Add support for menu and command element
  • Add support for contextmenu attribute. Context menu should extend default context menu, not replace it.
  • Add a nonstandar attribute contextmenumode, which defines a behaviour if parent and child both have different context menus assigned to them. If this attribute's value is "combine", parent's and child's context menus are combined. Otherwise, parent's context menu is replaced by the child's one.

HTML5 interactive elements spec.

Drag 'n' Drop


Library Compatibility

KDE compatibility

  • A Qt based firefox to remove dependencies on GTK.


General tasks
  • Improve overall standards support
  • Provide I18Ned website (being English only is not user friendly, site should adapt to user's locale).
  • Improve support for High DPI screens
  • Use scalable graphics (eg. SVG) for FF UI icon and image. Make scalable graphics first class citizen in FF.


Improve interoperability of XML languages
  • HTML and MathML in SVG foreignObject elements
  • SMIL to animate web pages
  • interface for plugins to handle mixed XML languages. Final goal: FF + plugins should be able to handle a SMIL + XHTML + MusicML + SVG + ... document
  • To make this happen, a plugin should be able to subscribe to an XML type (e.g MathML, CML, SVG, SMIL) and Firefox would have to pass control to this plug-in when such XML elements are parsed. On the other hand, one cannot rely on the plug-in to give control back to Firefox, when encountering other XML standards. So either Firefox itself has to care about every part, or there has to be a close cooperation with plug-in developers to ensure this. All in all the possible nesting of XML standards using namespaces should be supported as far as possible.


Make the property in CSS of direction (ltr) work properly (is it just me or isn't it working?

Support the visualization of mails

Mails are one of the most common kind of documents around. Many times there is a need to publish them in web sites. To do this today, mails have to be converted to some document format that a browser can display, like, e.g. HTML. Removing this transformation would simplify considerably the publication of this type of contents in web sites.