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New Tab Page Feature

Feature Lead engineer Status QA Lead Status
New Tab Page Tim Taubert Landed in Firefox 13 Virgil Dicu Signed off


Code has landed and is preffed off on Firefox 12. The New Tab Page feature is enabled by default on Firefox 13.


  • Documentation:
    • Feature wiki page: Link
    • New Tab Page mockups: Link

Use cases to test

Firefox user who wants the perform the following operations:

  • navigate to a location from a new tab page
  • open a new tab page without being sure of what task to begin
  • making navigation to a site the user has been to before faster

Focus Areas

  • Display
    • 3x3 grid with most visited sites
    • Titles of top sites
    • Thumbnail bar
    • Pin and remove buttons
    • Tooltips
  • Navigation
    • context menu operations
    • open new tab using middle mouse button, left mouse button
    • keyboard navigation
  • Customization
    • Ability to reorder displayed top sites
    • Ability to to “lock” a site into place
  • Performance
    • thumbnails and tab grid load instantly
    • No performance impact in browsing session

Feature/Preferences interaction

Important issues

Bug Status
bug 722234 - New Tab Page does not provide an option to undo removing a site Assigned
bug 716543 - Remove the reset/reload button and move it to the preferences dialog Assigned
bug 735630 - Image misaligned in thumbnail on different screen resolutions New
bug 736211 - Users should be able to replace pinned sites by dragging New - enhancement
bug 717044 - Session store should be aware of browser.newtab.url New
bug 725694 - New Tab Page Doesn't Update Awesome Bar Result Frequencies New
bug 753448 - preload newtab pages in the background and swap them in when opening a new tab New
bug 754671 - [Page Thumbnails] size of thumbnails directory (in profiles directory) keeps growing infinitely New
bug 756881 - New tab thumbnails display old or incorrect images for Facebook pages New

Sign-off criteria

  • Performance: No Firefox performance regressions following feature implementation
  • Navigation: button functionality as specified in documentation
  • Display: immediate loading for thumbnails, no glitches, text rendered correctly.
  • Customization: minimum customization options implemented

Aurora Sign-off

  • Verified on the following platforms with the Aurora Firefox 13 build - Gecko/20120315:
    • Windows 7 - PASS
    • Windows XP - PASS
    • Mac OS 10.6 - PASS
    • Ubuntu 11.10 - PASS
  • No blockers found after the Nightly-Aurora merge for Firefox 13. New layout implemented. Expecting implementations for restore last tab and adding reset new tab page button to preferences.

Beta Sign-off

  • Verified on the following platforms with the beta Firefox 13 build -
    • Windows 7 - PASS
    • Windows XP - PASS
    • Mac OS 10.6 - PASS
    • Ubuntu 11.10 - PASS
  • No blockers found after the Aurora-Beta merge for Firefox 13

Release Sign-off

  • No major issues remaining
  • Functionality works as expected