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  • [DONE] Ship Firefox 3.5
  • evaluation notes:
    • shipped on June 30th
  • [DONE] Make Firefox observably faster on all platforms for startup, shutdown, opening a new tab, and looking up a match in the Awesomebar
    • dependencies on QA/releng: requires some automated way of measuring and reporting Topentab, Tawesomebarlookup, Tbeachball, Tloadlink, etc
  • evaluation notes:
    • changes happened on mozilla-central
    • feels faster, but interestingly not showing up in usual metrics
    • need to investigate this in the future
  • [MISSED] Make Firefox feel more responsive
    • identify and ensure that all actions have some user visible feedback (such as an animation or action completion) within 100ms
  • evaluation notes:
    • list generated, but due to focus on shipping Firefox 3.5 and previous goal for making Firefox faster, didn't finish the work
    • will focus on these issues next quarter
  • [DONE] Make it easier to extend and theme Firefox
    • improve our default theme structure
    • improve APIs in browser services (Places, wallet, tabbrowser?) for add-ons
    • simple add-on structure for site-specific scripting
  • evaluation notes:
    • worked with Labs team on Personas (theme) and JetPack (extensions)
  • [DONE] Polish user experience
    • identify and prioritize polish bugs and fix all P1s
    • finish UI work that was pushed out of Firefox 3 and Firefox 3.1 (ex: Library, Awesomebar result pages, site-specific function in identity button)
  • evaluation notes:
    • calling this goal done, although it wasn't hit 100% of the way
    • identified polish bugs and created tracking system
    • fixed majority of P1 polish issues
  • [DONE] Complete plan
    • outline scheduled milestones
    • documentation that clearly scopes feature work and designs
  • evaluation notes:
    • done early in the quarter