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  • [DONE] Shift development to exploration/sprint based pattern
    • identify scope, document development plan & cost, design proposals & user data required, test plans, security implications, and derive recommendation and proposal along with prototype code
    • every month have at least one sprint completed with published recommendations
    • in some cases we'll have code output, sometimes just designs
  • [ON TRACK] Publish Firefox Product Roadmap
    • first draft
    • branch management plan
    • technology development roadmap
    • product delivery roadmap
  • [DONE] Deliver Firefox 3.5.1 3.5.2 as a Major Update presented to existing Firefox users, transferring at least 50% of our existing user audience to Firefox 3.5.x
    • currently 43% overall, 46% of Firefox 3+3.5 users
    • on target to hit 50% of actively updating users on Sept 14 (linear projection)
    • on target to hit 50% of all Firefox users Sept 23 (linear projection)
  • [MISSED] Improve Firefox performance as measured by new (TFx) and existing (Ts) benchmarks by 25% or more, especially with "dirty" profiles
    • current measurements showing ~20% Ts improvement on OSX, flat on Windows
    • dropped focus on TFx benchmark as Ts became all-consuming
    • progress is ongoing and will continue beyond quarter
    • strong development focus on Ts and responsiveness, not fully translating into desired effect due to code complexity and lack of senior coders
  • [DONE] Create WinCE Firefox 3.5 product plan and deliver RC builds by end of August
    • create and publish product plan (user experience, modifications if required, roadmap and plan for updates)
    • fix all "nv" bugs for RC
    • important for NVIDIA/subnotebook delivery