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  • [MISSED] Identify top 75% of Firefox 3.5.x crashes and fix
    • joint with platform for development
    • joint with webdev for analysis tools
    • back port to 1.9.1 where possible
  • [MISSED] Ship Firefox 3.6
    • less crashy than Firefox 3.5
  • [DONE] Ship Firebug that is compatible with Firefox 3.6
    • simultaneous ship with Firefox 3.6
  • [DROPPED] Ship Firefox 3.7 Alpha
    • publish full prioritized feature plan for release
    • publish proposed schedule for release
    • complete alpha implementation of at least one P1 Firefox 3.7 feature
  • [DONE] Build development plan for Electrolysis in Firefox 4.0
  • [MISSED] Improve startup time by 25% on all platforms
    • joint with every area of platform, Firefox will drive
    • joint with QA Test Development to develop measurement tools
    • improve measurement, improve engineering
  • [DROPPED] Stuck users investigation (stretch)
    • goal is to understand what's stranding people, not to necessarily fix