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  • [ON TRACK] Transition front end development model to rapid release process
  • Support channel switching support for first Aurora/Beta/Release train, specifically:
    • [DONE] Implement channel switching UI and updater support
    • [ON TRACK] Move to no-notification update
  • [ON TRACK] Build and establish feature tracking system for coordinating development effort (joint with Product)
  • [ON TRACK] Resolve bottlenecks around front-end code review bandwidth

Developer Tools

  • [ON TRACK] Ship the Scratchpad tool in Firefox 6
  • [ON TRACK] Ship a collection of Web Console improvements in Firefox 6
  • [ON TRACK] Land the parts of the Command Line that allow tools to register commands (thus allowing us to iterate on the user experience) on mozilla-central
  • [ON TRACK] Land initial "design oriented" tools for shipping on mozilla-central
  • [ON TRACK] Have concrete javascript debugger plan and implementation of basic pieces