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Firefox Desktop

  • Feature Infrastructure
  • Performance
    • [DONE] - Identify responsiveness priorities in the UI (implemented a bunch of telemetry, confirmed priorities)
    • [AT RISK] - Resolve UI responsiveness problems related Session Restore (no progress, pushing)
    • [AT RISK] - Resolve UI responsiveness issues related to DOMStorage (landed some wins, but scope grew)
  • 2012 Roadmap
    • Joint with Product: have specs and estimates for all 2012 Roadmap items
  • Support rollout of ESR

Platform Integration

  • Silent Update
    • UAC dialog no longer shown (Firefox 12, possibly Firefox 11)
    • Updates staged in the background (Firefox 12, possibly Firefox 11)
  • Web Apps Windows integration (finished end of February)
  • Gather client data for stranded users (Firefox 12)
  • Metro integration team and roadmap (team formed and work started)

Firefox Mobile

  • Beta quality native UI product by MWC
    • Shipping-ready by EOQ
  • Native UI product for Tablets
    • Aurora-ready by EOQ

Developer Tools

  • [DONE] Understand and triage feedback from the initial release of designer tools, and fix N top issues.
  • [AT RISK] Get debugger UI turned on in 14.
  • [MISSED] Finish specification and estimation for timeline feature.
  • [DONE] Implement the pseudo-class lock.
  • [MISSED] Implement a layout/dimension view.

Add-on SDK

Name Owner References Status Description Notes
Mobile Prefs API support ZER0 [DONE] Support the simple prefs API on mobile
Mobile Add-on Tab API support gozala [MISSED] Support the add-on tab API on mobile Working with UX to understand what we actually want here
Chrome-mods investigation Mossop [DONE] Work out what support we can safely give add-on developers for modifying the desktop UI UX has come up with a proposal, just putting the final touches to it
HTML l10n ochameau [MISSED] Support localising HTML content Might need a new proposal as there are platform problems, we also may want to line up with gaia
SDK on AMO Wes Investigate using an extension hosted on AMO as a distribution channel for the SDK