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Firefox Desktop

  • Understand K9O requirements for front-end with implementation well under way. Should be on-track as if it had started as a normal engineering project.
  • Australis theme work progress; completion of of tab strip, platform requirements done, understand how customization will work (via prototype of customization panel).

Platform Integration

  • Beta quality Firefox on Windows Metro
  • Stub installer
  • Additional telemetry probes to assist with understanding stranded users

Firefox Mobile

  • todo

Developer Tools

  • Land the global developer toolbar.
  • Land a detachable style sidebar.
  • Land the layout panel and pseudo-class lock menu.
  • Land initial net monitor, preffed off.

Script Tools

  • Turn on Debugger for Firefox 15
  • Mobile Debugging (Fennec and B2G)
  • Enable Chrome Debugging by End of Quarter
  • Support for Remoteable Web Console

Add-on SDK

Name Owner References Status Description Notes
Module Sharing gozala [MISSED] Add a simple method to make sharing modules easy
Land loader in Firefox gozala [DONE] (ish) Lend all assistance necessary to help Engineering land the loader in Firefox
Rewrite CFX in JS ochameau [DONE] Convert the python cfx tool to be mostly JS based
New Add-ons UX ZER0 [MISSED] Implement the first phase of the new add-ons UX design for Australis