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Firefox Desktop

  • Australis
    • tabs done on UX
    • customize/panel
      • panel done
      • customize prototype + known scope
  • Plugins
    • [MISSED] Remove PFS (consider whether a replacement is necessary for Flash)
    • [MISSED] Make all plugins except Flash click-to-play by default
    • [DONE] Conduct user research experiment to determine feasibility of making Flash click-to-play by default
  • Performance
    • Main thread I/O removal
      • Land bug 566746/bug 697377 (form history/autocomplete storage changes)
      • Land followups to bug 699859 (convert all consumers of content prefs to new async API)
      • Land bug 825588 (new Downloads API) and have a concrete plan for switching over all consumers.
    • Sessionstore improvements
  • Social
    • Land share panel
    • Land addons-manager integration
    • Polish multi-provider interaction
    • Investigate move to actual SharedWorker to reduce FrameWorker jank
  • Security
    • Triage?

Firefox Developer Tools

Scripting and Performance Tools

  • Source Editor Update (mihai)
  • New Debugger Features (panos, victor, nick)
    • Break on *; DOM, XHR? (victor, panos)
    • eval-in-frame - bug 783499 (mihai)
  • Net Panel Prototype / First Cut (victor, mihai)
  • Enable Profiler with Enhancements (anton)
    • console api (mihai, anton)
    • gcli support
    • filtered content
    • jump to debugger
    • remotable
  • Plan for Performance Work for 2013 (robcee, anton)
  • Ship Scratchpad GIST support (nick, anton, robcee)
  • Web Console Improvements (mihai)
  • A plan for JSterm (paul, mihai)

Content Tools

  • Style Editor Reboot (harth)
    • Plan a key tool for making CSS changes, and understanding stylesheets
    • Refactor existing code to fix paper-cuts with a view to future work
    • Fix UX problems
  • Inspector (paul, dcamp)
    • Make a remotable prototype
  • Theme (paul, harth, mike)
    • Complete toolbox re-theme to flatter look
  • Stability Enhancements (paul, harth, mike)
    • Make a list of top 10 bugs to fix and fix them
  • Command Line (jwalker)
    • Asynchronous types
    • Various command updates
    • Make a remotable prototype

Add-on SDK

  • Land the SDK apis in mozilla-central on track for release in Firefox 21.
    • Implementation schedule and policies
  • Ensure Builder is compatible with SDK as shipped in Firefox 21

Firefox for Android

  • Mostly following
  • UI polish work: Holo-ish rework based on UX designs
  • UI responsiveness work
    • Overdraw tool for Android shows a lot of "red" in Firefox. We want to reduce the "red" and move into "blue" or better.
  • Startup and pageload speed improvements
    • Add some new talos tests
    • We need to recover our "regressions" and find more improvements

Firefox for Metro

  • Create a timeline for release
  • Establish feature set through user stories
  • Move code to m-c and get Nightlies
  • TDB: State of the app by end of Q1 (will it be aurora or beta?)