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Firefox Desktop

Search Hijacking

  • [ON TRACK] remove use of keyword.URL
  • [ON TRACK] put all search prefs under user control
  • [MISSED] have a plan: prompt-on-engine-change dialog/notification


  • Add-on manager startup (bug 729330)
    • [ON TRACK] eliminate unnecessary main-thread I/O
    • [ON TRACK] implement simplified storage back-end (SQLite->JSON)
  • Thumbnail service
    • [MISSED] no main thread impact from thumbnailing (bug 841495)
  • New download back-end (bug 825588)
    • [MISSED] landed and used by at least one consumer (no main thread I/O)
  • New tab page
    • [ON TRACK] reduce impact on tab animation (bug 843853)
  • Password Manager
  • localStorage
    • [AT RISK] Eliminate all uses of localStorage in application code (bug 789348)


  • [ON TRACK] Merged to mozilla-central for Firefox 24 (with intent to ride that train)

Profile Reset

  • [ON TRACK] Improve experience and promote its usage. (tracking: bug 851364)
    • [DONE] Migrate tabs from previous session
    • Promote/enable reset in more places
      • Upon reinstall of Firefox
      • [DONE] Upon using a profile that hasn't been used for a long time
    • [DONE] Post-reset "first run" page
      • General re-welcome/info, tab selection, continuation of reset experience
      • Guide them to next steps if reset was successful (yay!) or failed (boo, more SUMO links)

Permissions UI

  • [ON TRACK] Expose a lightweight UI (not about:permissions) for managing permissions you have granted to a site. (old mockup:


  • [ON TRACK] This is a stretch goal, and largely depends how much Australis post-landing fallout there may be.
    • "Show my windows and tabs from last time" should be the default.
    • Ensure commands which open the Places organizer open it in the correct section/view
    • Clean up Help menu


  • [AT RISK] Develop and deploy a system to allow 3rd parties to submit encrypted/obfuscated symbols to Mozilla, and get popular addons and driver vendors to send us symbols.
  • [DONE] Develop reports to allow prioritization of potentially exploitable crashes.


  • [MISSED] Make plugin and plugin instance instantiation asynchronous: implemented behind a pref, this will land on -central but may need to be preffed off because of web content breakage
  • [MISSED] Profile Flash IPC messages and rearrange event delivery to delay painting and networking events when synchronous events are pending. - Code is written, but not reviewed and landed.

Firefox Developer Tools

  • Mobile Everywhere

Add-on SDK

Script and Performance Tools

  • [MISSED] Scratchpad remoted and integrated with the debugger.
    • so close...
  • [MISSED] FPS monitor, frame boundaries in the profiler.
    • diverted due to b2g
  • [ON TRACK] tagStack, XHR breakpoints.
    • XHR breakpoints are close, tagStack will follow

Content Tools

  • [ON TRACK] Finish remoting the Inspector.
  • Plan and begin executing authoring strategy. Which means:
    • [ON TRACK] create firm UX proposal for in-browser authoring,
    • [ON TRACK] integrate Style Editor and Highlighter,
    • [ON TRACK] prototype external editor integration.
  • [ON TRACK] Provide metrics on Developer Tool usage through FHR probes.

Firefox for Android

Profile Related Work

Various things that are based on profiles, while trying to avoid Sync/PiCL dependencies:

  • [ON TRACK] Profile Reset
  • [ON TRACK] Guest Mode (Switching to a temporary profile)
  • [ON TRACK] Investigate viability of Kid Mode with UX (A profile with strong parental controls)
  • [ON TRACK] Investigate viability of Senior Mode with UX (A profile with less options and designed pure ease-of-use)

Reader Enhancements

Reader is one of Firefox Android's most differentiating features. We have plans to add more to the core in Q2:

  • [ON TRACK] Night Mode (ambient light based background toggle)
  • [ON TRACK] Sans Serif/Serif font toggle
  • [ON TRACK] Open into Reading List from home screen
  • [ON TRACK] Add to Reading List from external apps (for example: twitter)
  • [ON TRACK] Text-to-Voice investigations (investigate the technology)
  • [ON TRACK] Twitter card support for richer Reading List (investigate the design with UX)


  • [ON TRACK] Packaged app support
  • [ON TRACK] Investigate APK wrapper viability (long term goal is to uplift to Marketplace)
  • [ON TRACK] Turn off some browser-centric features while in App mode

Game/TV Form Factor

  • [ON TRACK] Gamepad controller support
  • [ON TRACK] TV layout support

User Efficency/Cleanup

  • [ON TRACK] Hostname completion
  • [ON TRACK] Keyboard shortcuts
  • [ON TRACK] Quickly share using last "Share App" from menu
  • [ON TRACK] Improve Settings UI
  • [ON TRACK] Improve Session Restore

Firefox for Metro

  • [ON TRACK] Feature-complete awesome/start screen
  • [ON TRACK] Uplift from mozilla-central to mozilla-aurora

Community Development

  • [MISSED] Establish a roadmap for contributors so that they can view their progress on Mozillians and can see what the next "level up" is.
  • [DONE] Implement engineering contributor rewards program, including both recognition/badges and "stuff".
  • [MISSED] Automate, either through bugzilla-anthropology or Bugzilla proper, the awarding of many of the badges in the Engineering badging effort.
  • [MISSED] Design and implement a set of metrics to measure Mozilla's support for volunteer engineering, and volunteer participation/effectiveness for deployment in Q3.
  • [DONE] Request for every team in engineering: describe what a "minimum viable contributor" is for participating on that team, including time commitments and resources required.



  • [ON TRACK] reduce fsyncs to one per day
  • [ON TRACK] move session/activity tracking into Gecko/C++
  • [ON TRACK] ensure measurements outside of collection time do not incur fsyncs


  • [ON TRACK] fully-featured native Android FHR client landed.

Platform Integration

Firefox for Metro

  • [ON TRACK] Continued support of Firefox for Metro goals (3 from the Platform Integration team


  • [ON TRACK] Continued Mac OS X integration work with a focus on Australis

Stub Installer

  • [ON TRACK] Implement a minimum of two recommendations to improve user install success rate based on stub installer ping data analysis

Application Update

    • [ON TRACK] Installations on previous version analysis