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Draft goal fodder:

  • HiDPI theme for Windows (may be tricker than OSX due to multiple resolutions)
  • Awesomebar refresh
  • "Something about perf"

Firefox Desktop


(this is a draft, these need to be fleshed out)

  • complete new Download Manager API
  • Places APIs: fix annotations, history, bookmark backups
  • SessionStore improvements: async data collection
  • Fix "missing thumbnails"


  • [DROPPED] Investigate and Fix the most prominent stackwalking issues in breakpad, especially on mac and android
  • [DONE] Design a system to help users fix their crashes by both email and healthreport UI


  • [MISSED] Ship the plugin IPC profiling tool carryover
  • [DROPPED] Make plugin process startup and plugin instance instantiation asynchronous (on -central, preffed) carryover

Firefox Developer Tools

Add-on SDK

  • [ON TRACK] Debugger for add-on developers
  • [ON TRACK] Easily ship add-ons as Firefox features
  • [ON TRACK] Implementing add-on linker in JS
  • [ON TRACK] Better tinderbox integration
  • [ON TRACK] Fennec automated tests

App Development Tools

  • [ON TRACK] ADB replacement
  • [ON TRACK] App manager

Script and Performance Tools

  • JS Deminification (nick)
  • Profiler Augmentation, new UI, FPS, Frames (deferred from B2G work) (anton)
  • Net Panel improvements (output improvements and saving data) (victor)
    • save as cURL
    • save HAR
    • better UI for multipart forms
    • replacing network panel in console (joint with mihai)
  • Break on DOM, Break on XHR (past, victor)
  • Remote Scratchpad and Debugger Scratchpad (push goals) (benvie)
  • Blackbox (nick)
  • Tag Stacks (push, past)
  • Web Console Output Improvements (mihai)
    • selection fixes
    • better object display

Content Tools

  • [ON TRACK] Improve Editing Experience with an SDK, improved "save" workflow and progress with HTML editing
  • [ON TRACK] Update the Inspector with Highlighter / Style Editor integration, better diagnostics from platform
  • [ON TRACK] Support B2G Simulator development
  • [ON TRACK] Support updating the Web Console with a new "JSTerm" UI integrating the command line

Firefox for Android

Profile Related Work

Reader Enhancements


Game/TV Form Factor

User Efficency/Cleanup

Firefox for Metro

Community Development

  • [ON TRACK] Create a dashboard to measure contribution statistics, including ratio of MoCo/external by commit and by lines-of-code and other metrics
  • [ON TRACK] Implement badges on Mozillians for early contributor achievements (carryover)

Build Config (shared across several teams)

  • [ON TRACK] Remove export tier, make all file-install activities a nonrecursive step
    • [ON TRACK] non-recursive XPIDL
  • [ON TRACK] Complete the conversion for everything in the export tier
  • [ON TRACK] Add IPDL dependencies to avoid recompilation
  • [ON TRACK] Finish resource-usage monitoring and use that data to make targeted improvements to maximize CPU usage while building



  • [MISSED] Improve the quality of the startup-time tip (unable to complete because of dependency on data team)
  • [DROPPED] Implement a tip for the most important SUMO issue that can be solved using data (probably addon-related)
  • Shared with above, expose crash-improvement tips


  • [ON TRACK] Ship to release
  • [ON TRACK] Analyze incoming data and implement one new tip based on SUMO feedback and user data

Platform Integration

Firefox for Metro


Stub Installer

  • [ON TRACK] ...

Application Update

  • [ON TRACK] ...