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Draft goal fodder:

  • HiDPI theme for Windows (may be tricker than OSX due to multiple resolutions)
  • Awesomebar refresh
  • "Something about perf"

Firefox Desktop




Firefox Developer Tools

Add-on SDK

  • Native support for SDK add-ons in Firefox
  • Lightweight add-ons prototype
  • APIs for developer tools integration

App Development Tools

  • Manifest editor
  • Automated testing
  • Geolocation and orientation in simulator

Script and Performance Tools

  • Fast pretty printing
  • Debugger.source() (for debugging evals, scratchpads, console)
  • Debugger live editing initial stab
  • First drop of Perf UI rewrite
  • Manifest Editor support in VariablesView
  • Net panel for B2G
  • More Console Output improvements

Content Tools

  • Update developer tools with swatches and doorhangers
  • Add display of margins and padding to the highlighter
  • Update the rule view with a better design, syncing with style editor
  • Update the theme to the flatter design and complete the dark/light options

Firefox for Android

Firefox for Metro

Community Development

Build Config (shared across several teams)




Platform Integration

Firefox for Metro


Stub Installer

Application Update