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Plan: Collect feedback and information from users of Firefox Betas and use this information to inform development, QA, support

Feedback from Support

The following information/feedback from beta users would be most useful for SUMO:

  • If the user had any problems (lost data, confusing UI) after upgrading/updating to the beta, what problems those are and what add-ons/third party software are they running?
    • Would they be willing to provide dirty profiles to help us test (provided we give them steps to remove personally identifiable data)?
  • What features need more explanation?
    • Did they notice X new feature and was it easy to figure out how it worked?
  • What extensions don't work as expected or break period.
  • What websites don't work as expected or break.
  • What task(s) did they try to do that became harder/unfamiliar?
    • What features are missing or hidden (where did my X go?)
  • What IMPROVED — what are they most excited about? (So we can figure out what will get press coverage and make sure we have articles about those early)

Also the following demographic info would be nice to have to understand/segment the responses:

  • How often do you use Firefox beta (as my main browser, often, sometimes, rarely)
  • Which browsers do you regularly use in addition to Firefox beta (Firefox 3.5, IE, Safari, Chrome, others)
  • Are you planning to continue using the beta as your main version of Firefox? (yes/no)