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Friends of the Firefox team

Resolved bugs (excluding employees)

Volunteers that fixed more than one bug

  • Ramya Praneetha
  • Pat McGhen
  • Luke Swiderski
  • Pierov
  • Max Smolens
  • Harshraitth2
  • Colin Cazabet
  • Janvibajo1
  • Jonas Jenwald

New contributors (🌟 = first patch)

General triage

Project Updates

Add-ons / Web Extensions

WebExtensions Framework

WebExtension APIs

  • Starting from Firefox 105 the new scripting API supports dynamically registered content scripts that are persisted across sessions (Bug 1751436)

Developer Tools


  • Thanks to Raphaël Ferrand for adding a new CSS warning, displayed when using width/height on ruby elements (bug)
  • Thanks to Luke Swiderski for addressing an annoying UX issue in the debugger. The breakpoints panel no longer expands automatically when navigating the call stack (bug)


  • Luke also added Composition Event support to our Event Listener Breakpoints (bug), under the "Keyboard" category. They are used when you indirectly enter text with an Input method editor (IME). eg. Chinese characters on a latin keyboard.
  • Thanks to Colin Cabazet, the object inspector now supports previewing Headers (bug)
  • Thanks to pmcghen, the Responsive Design Mode's device selector correctly shows the Operating System for all devices. We used to incorrectly classify some Android versions as Linux, iPadOS was not recognized… They should all be accurate now.
  • Browser Toolbox:

    • Closing out our Browser Toolbox project, the Multiprocess Browser Toolbox officially replaces the Browser Toolbox on all channels starting with Firefox 105 (bug). Even though this work started almost three years ago, it was only enabled on Nightly and local builds for performance reasons (preference browsertoolbox.fission).

    • Nicolas added a toolbar to switch between multiprocess and parent-process modes (bug). The "multiprocess" mode works exactly in the same way as the default Multiprocess Browser Toolbox, whereas the "parent-process" mode emulates the "old" Browser Toolbox, and should be faster.


    • The default mode is set to "parent-process" (bug) (preference)

    • The team fixed a few bugs which would occur when switching from one mode to another (bug, bug and bug), please report any breakage you see when switching between the two modes!

    • Alex added support for the ctrl/cmd+alt+R shortcut in the Browser Toolbox (bug), which will now behave the same way as the "Restart(Developer)" action available on local builds. And ctrl/cmd + R will no longer blank the Browser.

  • Nicolas fixed a nasty performance regression when trying to open long minified files in the debugger (bug).
  • Bomsy fixed a bug on the Edit and Resend panel of the network monitor, to correctly update the content length of the request if needed (bug).

WebDriver BiDi

  • Sasha added support for the "sandbox" argument to the script "evaluate" and "callFunction" commands (bug). As the name suggests this allows you to execute scripts in a sandbox, and limit the side-effects of the test on the actual page.
  • Henrik fixed an issue on environments using IPv6 by default, which were unable to connect to RemoteAgent on "localhost" (bug).

Downloads Panel


Form Autofill

ESMification status


Lint, Docs and Workflow

macOS Spotlight

New Tab Page

Nimbus / Experiments


Password Manager

PDFs & Printing


  • Janvi01 added new hover states to the PiP window controls!
  • Janvi01 also implemented a new PiP player control button for toggling fullscreen mode

    • Currently set behind a pref `media.videocontrols.picture-in-picture.improved-video-controls.enabled`


Performance Tools (aka Firefox Profiler)


Search and Navigation


Storybook / Reusable components


This week I learned