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We build a browser for the majority of web users, not preferentially for high-tech early adopters

  • Core principal is to build a browser that people enjoy using, and that helps them be more effective online
  • "Better than the default" visually fitting with native operating system (if possible even better than the default browser)
  • Match the user's expectations (for the platform, for a web browser)
  • Act as agent for an extension of the user
  • Be more than the "basic experience" - be willing to build chrome that makes browsing more effective, even if it's not "the simplest thing that renders webpages"
  • The chrome should be a net positive for the browser - effective and enjoyable/delightful
  • Meeting the needs of all users (non-technical - expert)
  • User-centered
  • Extensibility (not neccesarily compatibility)
  • Discoverability of features

We build the best quality web-app platform (we protect the open, participatory web?)

  • (Explicitly do not care about building Gecko-as-platform)
  • Build for a participatory web (have features that improve participation instead of just consumption)
  • We should be the browser that web deveopers want to use
  • Backwards compatibility
  • Standards compatibility
  • Neutral player (no prepopulated bookmarks, package plugins, etc)
  • We try to displays websites as their authors intend (standards compliance etc)

We protect our users

  • Protective of the user's privacy and choice
  • Security
  • Sometimes that means fixing things that aren't our problem
  • Proactive vs. reactive
  • Privacy
  • We don't embarrass users
  • We don't share user data without consent
  • Help users manage their online identity (need to do better)
  • Minimal interference in users' workflow (need to do better, including warnings about launching other apps, separate windows for downloads, addons, etc)


  • Questions
  • What does perf mean?
  • Fastest on what metrics? Being blindly fastest means cutting features.
  • Is there a point when we'd say Firefox is "fast enough"?
  • Performance includes human performance
  • Stability
  • Simplicity (in terms of human performance)

Things We'll Have To Be Willing to Drop

  • Backwards compatibility with older Firefox
  • Backwards UX consistency?
  • "A web browser for everyone doesn't always mean you"
  • Sometimes, user choice (e.g. installing updates)
  • Native extraction of OS theme on windows (we don't design, the windows theme just happens)
  • Candy that conflicts with the mission (e.g. closed video codecs)
  • Customizability
  • We won't have a pref to turn off each new feature
  • XPP