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  • For sites that are able to change every page
    • Account-Status header works great
    • Perhaps a JS API could be provided, e.g., navigator.account.status = "active";
  • For sites using sessionstatus endpoint
    • Need to make sure cookies are sent
    • Need to send a referring URI of the current page for non-cookie sites
  • Optimizations for sessionstatus endpoint refreshing
    • Make sure cache headers are respected
    • Allow a description of cookie names to watch for changes; changes in the value of watched cookies should refresh sessionstatus
    • Allow a description of url formats to trigger a sessionstatus refresh
      • Expression for parameter/path changing, e.g., ...?sessionid
      • Site endpoints that refresh when accessed, e.g., .../logout.php
  • Sessionstatus response should be an object/array allowing for multiple users with one default (perhaps to allow switching between multiple active accounts)
  • Sessionstatus could be JSON instead of ";" separated