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Added: 2010-05-14

1. How does Account Manager interact with Password Manager?

2. If you don't have Sync, what should the default behavior be?

3. We need a protocol flow diagram.

4. Should we support synth realms in the patch?

5. How do we keep up with changes on the server side? If yahoo changes their AMCD, what's going to happen on the client?

6. How do change password, reset password flows work?

7. Should closing windows trigger logouts?

8. What happens on a session restore?

9. Should we have an override mechanism for certain sites so you can use Account Manager for all sites except a few? (for example: I want to remember my bank password, so don't generate me an automatic password).

10. How would this work if I get on the web on a public computer?

11. What happens in private browsing?

12. How would this work with other password add-ons?