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Experimental schema the places team can build speed and functionality test suites with and others can build skunk-works extensions from that help us understand our browsing habits and patterns.

Related Bugs

bug 500474


The Places database leaves a lot to be desired. Not only is it not tracking all of the data we want to track, but it requires mind-numbingly complex queries to get relatively simple datasets out of. There are missing entities and tables that are used for multiple entities. It needs some love.


David Dahl - with input from the Places team


I have just start working on a schema via Django models, which will spit out a sqlite database

Near Term Goals

creation of a test suite that shows the way forward for the Places schema. One that allows simple, fast queries to get common datasets out of, as well as future thinking visual displays of browsing that we have not even thought of yet.

Experiment with what data we should be storing, and how to make Places queries blazing fast.

If we want to have fast queries we need simpler queries. Simpler queries require a properly normalized schema.

Long Term Goals

Design an agile foundation for a more comprehensive storage solution for Places data

Design new apis that are elegant and fast - perhaps fodder for another sprint?

Non Goals

Entirely replace the places module:) (even though I would love to)