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Port the current form history (Satchel) implementation to JavaScript. This will just be a straight C++-to-JS port, no changes to functionality or internal design.


Reviewed and landed.


  • Increase maintainability by moving from C++ to JS
  • Increase code similarity to the related parts in password manager
  • Pave way for changes related to Weave and Contacts projects from Labs

Non Goals

Not porting nsFormFillController.cpp, since it's doing some things that are hard to port to JS, and doesn't have a lot of direct test coverage.

Timeline / Milestones

Only expected to take a day or two of work between dolske and zpao.

These are the bugs of interest:

Bug Owner Status
bug 439716 - Form Manager should be a JS component dolske FIXED
bug 469443 - nsFormAutoComplete in JS dolske FIXED




All in-flight patches (in Toolkit::Form Manager) should be landed to avoid making people rewrite them in JS.


No QA resources required. No changes to functionality, very good automated test coverage.

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