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Current Theme Issues

3.0 Windows Default Theme Issues: This is a good starting point that identifies problems and shortcomings with the current Theme/UI on Windows. Focus on Windows Vista and 7.

Visually Appealing Windows Applications

Visually Appealing Windows Applications: Some examples of Windows applications that are visually appealing and/or have good UI design.


  • Make use of Aero Glass on Windows 7 and Vista
  • Move to tabs-on-top by default (option to move back underneath navigation bar and possibly left or right as well)
  • Combine Reload/Stop/Go (Separate Stop and Reload buttons in Customization dialog)
  • Move Reload/Stop/Go to the LocationBar
  • Addition of thin progress bar (tied to LocationBar in active tab and top of tab for background tabs)
  • Sort and Trim Menu Items
  • Hide the MenuBar and create replacement AppMenu. ("Firefox" Button)
  • Remove the bookmarks bar(if never user altered)
  • Addition of a Bookmarks Widget on the main toolbar that replicates the Bookmarks Menu
  • Move "Home" button to Home Tab
  • Changes to the TabBar to make it more streamlined
  • Shift towards more unified look across Windows variations(while still retaining platform look & feel "spirit")
    • Less "bright and colorful" icons
    • More tangible button appearance
    • Perhaps more glyphs
  • General icon cleanup/polish


Proposed Theme/UI Direction and Feedback

Direction and Feedback: In depth exploration of proposed ideas for Firefox 3.7 and 4.0.