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Rethink the basic way we interact with multiple web-pages (tabs) and the jump-off navigation point.

Current Status

What Is This All About

See the presentation


  • Tabs don’t scale.
  • It’s time consuming to switch between tabs.
  • We work in semantic groups; our browser don’t.
  • Our tabs have no understanding of search. Only basic understanding of “apps”.
  • Bookmarks are to heavy, tabs are too light. No metaphors for saving/sharing/viewing what we are seeing.
  • No incentive to clean up.
  • We spend 76% of time on first & last tab.

Goals / Use Cases

  • Make switching between tabs easier
  • Make grouping, saving, and managing tabs easier
  • Productivity when you increase monitor size goes up by ~30% (recognition+spatial memory), bring this efficiency gain and ease of mind to tabs.


  • Whole-sale replacement of tabs (by default)
  • Slowing down tab switching (with gratuitous animations, etc)
  • Being an alt-tab replacement
  • Trying to encompass all of Ubiquity's use cases. Only interested in navigation and information retrieval.



20100226-r17g931yh7959abc9ie7cr5t6e.png 20100226-jpirgqa5spbj6k94qw228uc5t9.png



  • TBD