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  • repeat infringer policy is 3 strikes, or 2 strikes in court
  • strike is a session, which can include multiple infringements.
  • repeat infringer policy does not need to be published, but we need to publish the fact that we have an infringment policy

At what point do we filter content that we are responsible for? Before activating in gallery?

  • we need to filter before
  • Suneel TO DO: in addition, some elegant solution needed for users to say that a design is inapproriate (email, reporting tool, or something else)
  • filtering for 1) pornography and 2) gambling

Offensive, inappropriate

  • see comments in previous section

Recognizable non-celebrities

  • not filtering for this
  • will quickly comply and be responsive to any notices

Whether we need to remove from local cache (see 523246)

  • we don't have this ability technically, so not liable


  • need approval

Representation language

  • Julie To Do: working on check box language

How any of this impacts the Firefox Privacy Policy

  • Julie working on edits to this
  • Discretionary policy
  • Julie working on this