Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/First Run Meeting 10.20

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Open Questions

  • Who is served the “Welcome to Personas” message? Need UX wire. (Suneel)
  • Can we undo a set? (Ryan to ask Myk/Jose)
  • Alternative options for "More By Designer" vs. "More from Category" on the detail page. How are these laid out? What happens if a designer has only 1 design? (Chris)
  • Whether “you’re now wearing” page is possible (Ryan)
  • Category Views (Chris)
  • Hover state (Chris)
  • Learn More/Getting Started Page (Chris/Suneel); Suneel to send paragraph
  • First-Run Page (Chris/Suneel)

Next Steps

  • Chris to make minor changes discussed in today's call and include 3.6 first run page (Chris; 10/21)
  • Suneel to send deck to uplift planning group and ask for input by 10/23 (Suneel; 10/21)
  • Web Dev begins implementation on locked down pages (Ryan; 10/24)
  • Chris to give Ryan category views and hover state (Chris; 10/24)
  • Suneel and Chris will continue to coordinate on Learn More and First-Run Pages