Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Legal Meeting 10.20.09

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Insight From Legal (Julie)

  • Mozilla should absolve itself from copyright filtering
  • Focus now is to make sure that our process complies with DMCA
  • Several open questions/issues (See below)

Tech / Scaling Issues

  • If copyright filter is removed from approval process, may not need to implement a technical solution (eg, flagging system) to scale in 3.6

Open Issues / Questions for Julie to Investigate

  • DMCA
    • Cleanup needed
    • Policy on repeat infringers
    • Other matters
  • At what point do we filter content that we are responsible for? Before activating in gallery?
  • Offensive, inappropriate
    • What are we obligated to by law (eg, child porn)
    • What do we feel good about?
  • Recognizable non-celebrities
  • Whether we need to remove from local cache (see 523246)
  • Edits
  • How any of this impacts the Firefox Privacy Policy
  • Discretionary policy