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This is a rough plan for personas during Q1 & Q2.

  • Maintenance mode, no significant updates - Q1
  • L10n support - Q1
  • Possible A/B tests, performed by stats team - Q1
  • Remove and migrate data to AMO - Q2


  • Full personas support - Q1
    • Upload -initial mockup completed
    • Review/approval queue - initial mockup completed
    • Admin personas dashboard
    • User personas dashboard
    • Gallery redesign
      • Homepage promo module
      • Gallery view
      • Detailed page view
      • Add-on promotions
    • Collapse personas into themes?
    • Privacy settings?
    • Licensing & TOS changes for new personas uploads and migrated accounts/personas
    • Personas category in forum
  • Migrate data from - Q2
  • Change "Get themes" link in add-on manager to go to AMO, not


  • Options
    • Maintenance releases
    • Continual development by Labs or contractor
  • Remove confirmation bar after 3rd persona install?
  • Dynamic Personas
  • Page specific personas
  • Self hosted personas
  • Personas + theme capability


  • Communicate website updates
  • Communicate migration plan - end of Q1
  • Engage and recruit reviewers - Q1


  • On hold for now, difficulty and lack of awareness and value makes it difficult


  • Gather help documentation and information to prepare for 3.6

FF 3.7

  • Remove confirmation after 3rd persona install
  • Larger preview images in add-on manager theme tab


  • Moderating google group - Ryan
  • Extension l10n, bablezilla - Mario?
  • AMO listing - Ryan & Nick
  • Building builds - Mario