Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Weekly Meetings 11.06.09

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Goal of Meeting

Support lightweight themes integration in Fx with plan and release of infrastructure required for a holistic product experience

Check-Ins and Open Items

Fx / Product Experience / Security (Johnath)

First-Run experience (Tara)

  • first-run page redesigned this week
  • questions about whether the integration of Fx and Personas is holistically user friendly
  • Nick to comment on bug filed to link from add-ons manager to gallery Redesign (Ryan/Suneel/Nick)

  • kicked off implementation work
  • finalizing "learn more" page
  • questions on whether get personas redesign is the right place to educate on in-product feature

Extension Development (Suneel)

AMO (Nick/Justin)

IT (mrz)

  • Held Personas production uplift
    • canceled, not enough participants showed up
  • Working on setting up a stage instance

L10N (Seth) Get Personas Site: Product l10n: WN page: Extension:

Legal / Approval Scale (Julie)

  • waiting on response from edgecast
    • IT says not a blocker
  • Legal Followups
    • long discussion with legal counsel
    • need followups
  • Edgecast contract is not a blocker

Branding / PR (Tara/Jane)

QA (Tony/Stephen/Tomcat)

  • Front End / 3.6 compat
    • Still seeing some caching issues when restarting and updating. still investigating.
      • Personas Extension Compatibility bugs
      • Personas Lightweight theme bugs
    • RRRT (based on feedback from community) reported that Extension 1.3.1 is not compatible with 3.6b1.
    • The instructions on and amo > personas has no clear instructions on how to use the lightweight theme for 3.6 (webpage issue)
    • Tracking Compat bug: bug 521913. Blocks bug 521857, bug 522343, bug 524172, bug 524235, bug 524784
    • for next rc, QA will test 3.6 nightlies compatibility against AMO personas

Additional Items?