Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Weekly Meetings 11.12.09

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Goal of Meeting

Support lightweight themes integration in Fx with plan and release of infrastructure required for a holistic product experience

Check-Ins and Open Items

Fx / Product Experience / Security (Johnath)

First-Run experience (Tara/John)

  • First Run/What's New pages have been handed off to l10n
  • there are still three outstanding product bugs, though: Redesign (Ryan/Suneel/Nick)

  • Bug list
  • P1 list shrinking, other small bugs popping up

Extension Development (Suneel)

  • 1.4 release targeted towards end of week

AMO (Nick/Justin)

  • Nick to mock up proposed approach to In-product gallery link

IT (mrz)

  • Will not have a CDN for Personas or 3.6 in-product feature.

L10N (Seth)

  • Get Personas Website
    • Seth, Stas, Ryan meeting Monday morning to create a final release schedule
  • What's New Page
    • Nearly ready for l10n.
  • Extension progress
  • Firefox Product l10n
    • Sixty-one locales are "green", so any UI relating directly to Personas is localized there

Legal / Approval Scale (Julie)

Branding / PR (Tara/Jane/John)

  • need to make sure the wording on the GetPersonas site is consistent with

QA (Tony/Stephen/Tomcat)

  • working on 1.4 Extension sign off eta today afternon PST time - Tomcat
  • Web: As of now, all 2.0 bugs have been verified fixed
  • Web: Additionally, as mentioned at the top of the page, First Run and What's New have been handed off to localizers
  • Working on lightweight theme bug verifications:
    • bug 519486 Some themes are still not rendering the text-shadow well

Additional Items?