Firefox/Projects/Personas Uplift Exploration/Weekly Meetings 11.24.09

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Goal of Meeting

Support lightweight themes integration in Fx with plan and release of infrastructure required for a holistic product experience

Check-Ins and Open Items

Fx / Product Experience / Security (Johnath)

  • tracking: bug 511104
  • All blockers clear (as far as I know?!)

First-Run experience (Tara/John)

  • handed off to L10N
  • link to getting started page Redesign (Ryan/Suneel/Nick)

  • localization dependent bugs complete by end of day Tuesday
  • target to resolve all redesign bugs is Thursday, Dec 3rd
  • target to QA is Thursday, December 10th
  • All blockers cleared
  • Code freeze was supposed to be end of last week, and didn’t make it
  • Releasing another beta (beta 4)
  • Push out a release candidate mid to late next week
  • mid to late December for 3.6 release

Extension Development (Suneel)

  • extension 1.4 released (see post:
  • extension 1.5 held up with additional compatibility bugs
    • goal is to release 1.5RC1 by tomorrow

AMO (Nick/Justin)

  • redesigned getpersonas will include language and link to AMO

IT (mrz)

L10N (Seth)

  • Product localized in 71 locales as of this morning
  • Add-on: waiting for some possible new string changes, but here is the status of the add-on.
  • Website: waiting for web-dev to finish
  • FR/WN status
  • Localization of the Get Personas video is being discussed.

Metrics (Ken/Pedro)

  • We had a kick-off meeting last week to figure out metrics and tracking related to the in-product version of Personas
  • We're tracking well via bug 529862

Legal / Approval Scale (Julie)

Branding / PR (Tara/Jane/John)

  • Personas video was filmed yesterday - will be ready in time for 3.6. Working on rollout strategy (what sites it will go on and where, including possible l10n).

QA (Tony/Stephen/Tomcat)

  • Testing 1.5 when Builds are available - Tomcat
  • People in Germany (Munich/Leipzig) during meetups love Personas/Lightweight Themes - Tomcat
  • Website: Handing off to l10n tomorrow (11/24) before lunch
  • Website: Code-frozen by 12/3, with testing finished by 12/10

Additional Items?